Writing is my first (and forever) creative love. My earliest memory of being drawn to the written word was around the age of three (ask me about my dad’s old Underwood typewriter!), and the passion continued throughout my youth and adulthood, taking shape in different forms from diaries to poetry to stories to articles and, most recently, to various online journals and blogs.

While in recent years blogging has taken a back seat to my focus on visual art and teaching Zentangle classes, in the past I have done product reviews, sponsored posts, article writing, and editing.

Product Reviews, Sponsored Posts, and Giveaways

BlogHer Original, Syndicated, and Featured Member Posts

Unfortunately for me, BlogHer has undergone a major restructuring since my blogging days, and the changes mean that my posts are no longer available on their website; however, in all but one case I had also shared the post on my own blog, and for the other I was able to find a version of the original article in the depths of the internet – so I do have a record of my writing.

Though the BlogHer links below won’t lead you to any of my articles, I’ve decided to retain the information here as a historical record.

Windsor Square Column

Shortly after moving to Windsor in 2011 I was approached about contributing a column to an online publication called Windsor Square. My column was called “Why Windsor?” and was written from the perspective of a newcomer to the city. While the publication no longer exists in its original form, the articles I wrote over the span of several months were all republished in my own blog and are linked below.